How it works
Data collection
The system collects in real time special data from open sources: open big data projects, job sites, thematic forums and others. The collected data contains information about the required skills, salaries, required experience and others. Data are collected by country, specialist level, profession name and field of work.
Search patterns and frequency
All collected data goes through thematic modeling algorithms inside the AI system. As a result, we get a list of the most frequently required competencies by country, specialist level, etc.
Comparison with respondent data
The respondent's data is compared with the results obtained in the area of key relevant competencies.
Generating the report with the results
As a result, you get a detailed report where your strengths and weaknesses are reflected in the form of diagrams, as well as a comparison of your profile with the average results for the market. The report also includes personal recommendations for the development of those competencies in which the respondent stands out strongly in comparison with the market.
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